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What Garden Hand Tools Make For A Great Gardening Experience

What garden hand tools make for a great gardening experience

It can be daunting looking serious project in the garden, you just really don’t know how to approach such a big task. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of professionals out there they can more than easily handle the task or project that you have in mind but that’s expensive and we really want to try and work out how we can compartmentalise the job and get it done without spending that’s all the money. In this article and take a closer look at what gardening hand tools will really make things feeling overwhelmed.

You just can’t go wrong with a garden fork and spade

One of the most important garden hand tools you can start with his fork and spade. You just can’t go wrong organising yourself a high quality kit here. You use a fork and spade more than any other item in the garden and it doesn’t really matter what the project is, you really going to benefit from spending the money here. From my perspective it makes sense to buy a garden fork and spade that have got a complete metal frame handle. Don’t buy one with a handle that wooden or plastic because he ultimately it will break and just mean that you need a second trip up to the garden centre.

Next on the list of garden hand tools is a high quality set of garden shears. It doesn’t matter what garden you work with, you’re always going to need to trim and prune bushes. Trimming and pruning bushes with blunt tools is a real nightmare. Not only is it difficult to cut through shrubs. It’s also difficult to make sure that you keep them healthy. If you’ve got a blunt Edge then you do more damage to the tree or shrub. This means that your own unlikely to do any serious or good work with them.

My favourite garden hand tools to get the job done

Without a doubt my favourite garden hand tools is the edging tool. This unique and interesting tool can really help you keep your grass beds and law and looking really sharp. There’s nothing worse than having the launch slightly over growing into the flower bed and it looks kinda rough and not not straight or even. This beautiful wedding tall can actually solve that with no issues at all when is extremely easy to use. It’s actually really quick as well if you’ve got a sharp blade it means that it will cut the lawn very straight too.

Given that it only costs a few pounds it’s really a great item to have in the shed. I know you aren’t actually going use it all that much because it’s basically only for trimming the glass straight, but ultimately it’s a great piece of kit to have around.

Why not consider power tools as well to get the job done in the garden.

I know we talking about hand tools but it’s also actually quite useful to have some battery powered or electric tools in the garden. Just imagine if you’ve got a tree stump do you need to cut up using a hand saw is actually quite a pain in the neck. If you’ve got something like an electric chainsaw for example that a really speed things up for you and of course doesn’t actually have to cost that much money at all. I’ve seen chainsaws in Screwfix for example for less than £50. If you consider that a normal bow saw could cost you as much as £20 then it’s not all that expensive.

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